I've never done this before.

"That's okay," he giggled. Everyone acted so surprised, as if I hadn't already made myself crystal clear that this was my first time.

Is it? You guys seems to be getting a kick out of me knowing fuck all. I don't appreciate it, by the way.

"Sorry. I'll be better about it next time." He lowered his head not in shame, but to hide his smile. Whatever.

Do you wanna walk for a bit?

"Probably not, we shouldn't veer off to far."

Just you and me.

"You really haven't done this before."

Sirens blared from the sky. The blimp was our indicator.

"Let's start." So direct. I wasn't used to this.


"Go ahead." He unbuttoned his flannel but stopped at the last button. "You forgot something." Oops. not unlike me at all, I swear.

Okay, I've got this.

"Good girl." He finished off the last button after I corrected myself. The blimp was nearly out of site, still sounding. No time to waste.

She gently ran her fingers up and down my chest. I had no shame in hiding how much I enjoyed this.

"I wish there were other people here." They always do. It's not a practice to be encouraged.

I could feel her putting effort into it, but sure enough the skin started peeling away. Her nails were chipping away at the top layer.