"Didn't you see it? God, it was fucking terrible."

I clenched my teeth. I couldn't admit it. I thought I could control it.

"They're full- what do you mean they're full? Just dump her in one of them."

The bins. The bins. That's right. They're were overflowing, since Tuesday, I believe.

"What a fucking shame. Jesus Christ, if you're there, do something about this."

Should I tell him? What would he say?


"Ha. Haha. What is it?"

I'd better not. Not now. We'll have to go somewhere else.

"Are you still there?"

He coughed into his hand. All the passion spilled out into his palm.

"The second floor, Christopher."

The second floor. It wouldn't be high enough, but that's where Penny used to operate.

"Sure. If I get a call back, I'll have to step out."

My knees buckled. He can't go back out there. The second floor.

The bins, overflown, and all accounted for.